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Welcome to Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialists (VIMS) at 96b Ellice Road, Glenfield Auckland 0629.

What isInternal Medicine?

Internal Medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of medical syndromes such as blood disorders, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses.

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What is an Internal Medicine Specialist?

An Internal Medicine Specialist is a veterinarian who has completed their veterinary degree then gone on to complete 3-4 years of post-graduate training and an examination process in either Australia, the UK or the USA. The program is rigorous and similar to that which a human medical specialist undergoes. A high level of ongoing learning is expected of qualified people to be able to keep up with the latest scientific advances.

WhyChoose Us

Newly rebranded as VIMS (previously the Internal Medicine department of the Veterinary Specialist Group), we are the longest-standing private internal medicine practice in New Zealand. Led by the country’s most experienced medicine specialist Dr Mark Robson, our dedicated team of vets, nurses and receptionists provide the next level of expertise and care. We have access to advanced imaging and surgical expertise from colleagues within the hospital.
We provide 24-hour care for your pet with the help of the Animal Emergency Centre, which Dr Robson co-founded to provide excellent overnight and emergency animal care.

When and Whydoes your pet need a Medicine Specialist?

Your local vet will be doing a great job for your pet but there are many syndromes that are hard to diagnose and need a higher level of knowledge, experience and equipment in order to get an answer. Even when the diagnosis is known (for instance cancer) many pets will benefit from the skills that a medicine specialist can offer.
In many pets ONLY advanced diagnostic equipment such as endoscopes can achieve a safe and accurate diagnosis.

HowDo you Book / Get Here?

Your regular vet will recommend referral, or you can ask your vet to refer your pet. If you are worried about approaching your vet for referral just contact our team and we will do it for you.

Our receptionists can book an appointment and obtain relevant clinical notes from your vet.

Contact us on
09 443 5640 Option 1
[email protected]

We have a large car park outside the hospital for client use. When you arrive please have your dog on a leash and cats must be in carriers. Please notify reception if you do not have a lead or carrier and they can provide one for you.
VIMS is located at:
96b Ellice Rd, Glenfield Auckland 0629