Our costs depend on the treatments and procedures that our specialist recommends for your pet. Our team will put together a full estimate of costs for you at your consult. Below are some basic starting costs:
Consultation $350
Emergency Consultation $425
Broad estimates can be provided in advance, but we usually ask owners to commit just to a consultation then we can fully assess your pet and let you know the best option for care.


We can provide care for all aspects of internal medicine including but not limited to:

  • Oncology (Chemotherapy)
  • Endoscopy (eg Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Bronchoscopy)
  • Endoscopic foreign body retrieval
  • Radioactive Iodine for hyperthyroidism in cats
  • Blood transfusion
  • 24-hour care in association with NSVECC
  • Ultrasound and radiology
  • CT